3 Reasons Why Swingers is An Amazing Movie

3.) How They Would Become

Favreau and Vaughn definitely go through many, many bouts in Swingers be anxious about what the future holds for their careers, and if there’s an extra, subliminal ending to this film, it derives from knowing just how huge both of these characters would someday become. Yes, when it comes to banging out huge blockbuster films, Favreau has now exceeded Liman, the director who helped him rise to the top. However that happy ending is not so sweet: Vaughn has moved on to become an A-list actor, yet he hasn’t been in a comedy film that features him better than he was in Swingers, and while Favreau has directed some grade A films, there’s something disturbing about how he gains his best films out of Vaughn proxies such as the correspondingly fast-talking, improv-obsessed Robert Downey Jr. Success is a cool attribute if you can understand it, however, Swingers is an effective heads up that all the mistake before you make it big can also be the reason for your most real, strongest, most beloved memories even fifteen years later. Sometimes it’s good to look back.

2.) Nostalgia

Still, even though there is nostalgia hidden within all the little details, such as the Reservoir Dogs tribute, or the Genesis ice-hockey game that Vaughn purposely unpauses as his friends are gathering money together for the Pink Dot delivery man, Swingers still holds up well to this very day due to the fact that its core story is so passionate. The time period at hand and its Hollywood setting are just cover-ups for a nice little comedy about some dude who just can’t get over his ex and how his friends try so hard to get him back into the dating game. And what an ending! It’s morally modest. Even though Favreau is heartened by meeting Graham, the two never ever have one kiss, and his one victorious steel is only that she calls him the next day and now he seems stoked about it. Then, to add a point to it, the movie halts with an epilogue where the now at peace Favreau looks on with enthusiasm as  Vaughn’s aggressive attempt to draw in another “baby” turns into a legit crash and burn. You never really need a true banger of a blockbuster, this film tells its audience, as a soft touch is perfectly fine.

1.) Vince Vaughn is SEXY in this, man!

Even as a straight man viewing this film. there is one more thing that needs to be said and this is specifically for the Vince Vaughn fans. Vince Vaughn is just so freaking sexy in this film, you guys. In his first scene as Favreau blabbers on and on at him, while seated in the passenger seat of Vaughn’s car, the slim Vaughn is like a heavily-hidden male model sex bomb, accidentally silent, a slight grin spread across his face. It is freaking sexy. There is one tiny flaw in his character, Trent, when you go to re-watch the film.: As he’s got all this faint begging and adrenalized rule-based flirtation, his appearance makes him seem like an unfortunate precursor to Mystery from The Pick-Up Artist. However, for the most part, to revisit Swingers is to be struck dumb by the cool sexiness that once was Vaughn’s best-known trait.

Watch a short clip from the movie below!