It isn’t guest night, may I still bring a guest couple?

Member couples may bring a guest couple to any party as long as they have not been to the club before (if they live in the Pacific Northwest) and they attend our orientation. Designated guest nights provide the opportunity for you to bring guests at a reduced guest price of $80 per couple. The normal guest price is $100 per couple.

We don’t know any New Horizons members. Do we have to be sponsored by a member to attend a party?

No, you do not have to know a member before you attend a party. However, you must attend our orientation prior to attending a party and if you live in the Pacific Northwest you must join to order to stay for the party. See our membership and orientation pages for more information.

We have been in the lifestyle for many years but have not been to New Horizons before. Do we still have to attend an orientation?

Yes, all couples who have never been to New Horizons must attend an orientation. The purpose of the orientation is to give you an opportunity to tour our facility and understand our philosophy, rules, and etiquette which may vary from other lifestyle clubs.

We aren’t sure if your club is right for us. Are we able to attend a party to just check it out?

You will be given the opportunity to familiarize yourselves with our club through our orientation which requires no commitment from you on whether you will join. At the end of orientation, you will be given the opportunity to accept or decline membership. However, if you decide not to join, you will be asked to leave the party. We do not offer trial memberships.

Do we have to join?

If you are attending as sponsored guests of a member couple for the first time you will not be required to join. If you are not being sponsored and you reside within the Pacific Northwest, you will be required to join as either regular or associate members. If you reside outside the Pacific Northwest, you may attend parties at New Horizons as guests. See our membership page for more information.

We live outside the Pacific Northwest. Can we join?

Memberships are not limited to couples residing within the Pacific Northwest. However, you will want to consider how often you will attend parties in order to evaluate if membership is right for you. You would save money on each party fee, but you would have to pay the one-time membership fee and maintain your dues payments. See our membership page for more information.

If we attend one party and decide that the club is not right for us, can we get a refund of our membership fee?

We do not offer a money-back guarantee. Therefore it is very important that you carefully consider your decision to join New Horizons.

I am a single man who would like to join your club. Am I allowed to join?

No, we do not offer memberships to single men. we are not swingers but enjoy a sexually charged atmosphere.

Will we be uncomfortable at New Horizons?

No. New Horizons members are very respectful of others’ lifestyle choices. This is a swingers’ club, so there is a good chance that you will be approached, but a simple declination will be respected. We have many members that play only with their own partners or limit their activities to dancing, swimming, hot-tubbing, flirting, or enjoying the friendships that they have developed at New Horizons.

My wife is bi-curious. Will New Horizons be right for us?

Of course, you are always responsible for your own experience at New Horizons, but we have many members in similar situations. New Horizons gives everyone the opportunity to explore their own sexuality in a safe environment free from pressure.

We are members. Are we allowed to bring more than one guest couple to a party?

We prefer that you limit your guest couples to one per party. We may make allowances for multiple guest couples under special circumstances. Check with us before bringing more than one guest couple. One thing to keep in mind is that you are responsible for the behavior of your guests. If your guests break the rules or behave in an inappropriate manner, your membership could be affected.

We have been members in the past, but have not been to New Horizons in a number of years. How much will it cost to attend a party?

You will be required to bring your dues payments up to date- for regular members dues are $25 semi-annually. However, if you have been away for an extended period of time, the total amount of dues would be limited to $50 in back dues. We will be happy to calculate the amount you will owe either when you check-in at the desk the night of the party or if you call us in advance.

As dues are due every January 1st and July 1st, do you send dues notices?

We don’t send notices. We will collect dues from you at the first party you attend after January 1st and July 1st. There are a couple of services such as e-group participation that require that your dues remain current so you may want to mail us a check or request that we charge your credit card to maintain these services if you don’t plan to attend a party in the near future.