Exploring Erotic Touch!

An Erotic Touch and Massage Workshop at New Horizons

This workshop will celebrate the joining of both genders in a fun, spiritual, and erotic atmosphere. We will use touch, massage and imagination to awaken the connection between erotic energy and spirituality and between the feminine and masculine in ourselves.

Bring a partner or come by yourself. When we honor our bodies and connect from our hearts, we can explore new places of erotic freedom. This workshop will combine touch, massage, verbal communication, non-verbal communication and experiential rituals to deepen our erotic exploration. This is an introductory massage that will hopefully lead you to continual exploration of Eros. You need not have prior experience in erotic massage but must attend with an open mind and an open heart. For purposes of this workshop, erotic touch will not include intercourse.

Want to heighten your level of eroticism men? Then we encouraged you to refrain from ejaculation for 48 hours before this massage workshop. All participants are asked to refrain from the use of alcohol or recreational drugs prior to and during the massage evening.

All materials and supplies will be provided for you, all you will need to bring is your lunch, a sheet and towel for the massage table. This full day workshop is only $30.00 per person. The workshop will begin promptly at 10:00AM and end at 5:00PM.

The workshop facilitator, David Longmire, is a Body Electric School trained Sacred Intimate and has worked with spiritually based erotic energy for the past seven years. David helps facilitate the Erotic Massage evenings at the Wet Spot, facilitates daylong workshops each month, Exploring Erotic Touch and has a private practice in Sacred Sexuality, Erotic Touch and Erotic Massage.