Here’s How To Find Sexy Cougars Near You

Cougars are quickly becoming something of a phenomenon. Decades ago, it was younger women who men of all ages found most attractive, but for the past ten years, that crown has been taken by women who are reaching the peaks of their lives: their forties and onwards.

A cougar is classed as a woman who is 35 or over and tends to exclusively date much younger guys. Every city in the world is full of sensual cougars who looking for their next victim, you just need to know where they frequent in order to find them.

The first place to hit up local MILFs and cougars is the classiest bars and restaurants in your area. Usually, mature women tend to avoid chain pubs because they’re rife with immature teenagers who are just looking to get wasted. Avoid those types of bars at all costs. Find the classy places which serve expensive wine, good food and attract a higher class of clientele. Cougars frequent these places because they’re more likely to find what they’re looking for: good looking, confident, mature young gentlemen.

Aside from bars and pubs, there’s hundreds of other locations which you can find rife with cougars and mature ladies. More so than ever, coffee shops are becoming the go-to location for cougar hunters the world over. Coffee shops are places where women go to escape their apartments and get some work done. Initiating conversation in a coffee shop is simple, providing you do it with grace and respect. Simply approach her and ask her how come she prefers the coffee shop to her office. Comments like these usually generate instant rapport because she assumes you’re in a similar situation.

Likewise, libraries and other academic places are great meeting spots too. Because a lot of cougars are career women, you can find quite a few in night classes and Open University courses across the country. Cougars are always taking the steps to a better life for themselves, so hit up places of learning and culture. Art galleries and museums can be great too.

If you happen to work in education, cougars and MILFs can be found picking up their children every day of the week in schools the world over. Providing you keep an air of professionalism about you, there’s nothing stopping you introducing yourself to these parents as they’re waiting to collect their kids.

If you’re a frequent gym goer, this can be a treasure trove of mature, sexy older women. Cougars tend to keep themselves in pretty good shape – a major factor why younger guys find them so appealing. So if you spot a hot, mature woman tightening her thighs up on the leg press, wait until she’s taking a break and spark up a conversation with her.

Remember, the first step to hooking up with a gorgeous, classy cougar is initiating conversation with her. No hook up in the world began with complete silence. If you want success, you’ve gotta get out there and start chatting. Hit up these locations and you’ll bag yourself a gorgeous, classy, mature cougar in no time.

Top 3 Adult Social Networks Online

3.) Adult Social Network (ASN)

This website happens to be a social network that is strictly meant for adults, and adults only. Any potential user has to be 18 years or older in order to join. Adult social network is meant for adults to meet each other, talk, become friends, spend some quality time together, go on some dates, to start to date, maybe hook up with each other, maybe have some steamy romance, maybe find love and so much more. This website is definitely a great method of meeting new people. Join the website now and you will be able to begin to meet people from all over your surrounding region or from all over the entire world. Whether you identify as a guy or a girl, or even if you don’t identify at all, if you are gay, lesbian, bi, bi-curious or straight, everyone anywhere is free to join. The goal is to join now and start to meet some meaningful people, right now. There are some rules, though. Again, if it wasn’t stressed enough before, you need to be 18 years old or older to join. Do not ever post any naked or graphic photos of yourself. Respect is a big part of the website too, and it is strongly advised to respect each other and each-others opinions. Soliciting and spamming is extremely against the rules and any violators of this can and will be banned from using the website ever again.

2.) Mixxxer

Even though it’s basically exactly like Tinder, Mixxxer gives you matches based on where you live. It is different from Tinder for two key reasons. One reason being that it never connects you through Facebook. This allows  you to create a whole entire new profile and/or identity right from scratch. The other reason would be that the site never has any restrictions regarding whatever content you want to add to your profile. This means that you can pretty much post as many X-rated selfies as your kinky little heart desires. If you happen to be a natural show all but at the same time are thinking about one day pursuing a career in public office, you also have the ability to hide your face and body using the “shower door” feature, an overlay action that gives off a slightly blurred out perspective of all of your naughty parts.

1.) Tinder

This happens to be one of those apps that began with a friendly, almost humble business model. Find others with similar interests as you via Facebook and then meet up with them to check and see if you click.  Visitors of this app are able to choose from a list of requirements, for instance, how far away you are from your potential matches, and what age ranges they are willing to accept. The browsing process is just simply swiping right if you are down with someone’s appearance or swipe left if you’re just not that into them. If you don’t approve of someone, that person is forbidden from ever contacting you. If both of you approve each other than a potential match is made. Although this app wasn’t developed like the Down App, for the only purpose of hookups, it has actually become more of a sex interaction platform for a lot of its 500 million+ matches. Even the flame on the “Tinder” letter ‘I’ screams “hot app for hookups.” Tinder has obviously been given the not-so-wholesome reputation as the app hookup choice of adults across the world.

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